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You do realise you're a racist, self-centred bitch and by running this blog you're just glamourising the world of female objectification and rape and making more people want to get into being a sex worker, and before you dismiss this as bullshit you should know I was a sex worker for 4 years and I would at least hope that someone STILL in this line of work would at least not condone this horrible line of work. I know you're not going to publish this I just want you to know you're a bitch


  1. Racist? How?
  2. HA, female objectification my ass. We’re going to be objectified in ANY field, whether it is an office, collecting other people’s trash, or stripping - the difference is empowerment and ownership.
  3. Take your pseudo-feminist nonsense, think about the idea of reclaiming the male gaze, and shove it up your ass.
  4. Objectification is only negative if you do not consent to it - as strippers we consent and are in complete control of the situation.
  5. How fucking dare you equate being a stripper to glamourising rape. I am a rape survivor multiple times over and I have never been in a situation so sexually safe, including within my long term relationship, as I have in the club. Strip clubs do NOT condone rape nor do they encourage men to rape - in fact, it does the opposite; it shows men that they are NOT entitled to our bodies because they are unable to touch us, even to converse with us, for free. They aren’t entitled to shit. In fact, even when they’ve handed over hundreds of dollars for our company, we STILL walk away at the end of it; they still don’t own us even though they’ve literally handed money over. I can’t think of a situation that resembles rape less.
  6. It’s not a horrible line of work, it’s lovely. I make a fuckload of money, I see my friends all the time, I genuinely enjoy my job and my partner is okay with it. The majority of girls I know are in the same boat.

I am sorry that you didn’t enjoy sex work. Similarly, however, I didn’t enjoy retail but I wouldn’t message a shop assistant calling her a bitch for ‘glamourising a disgusting, underpaid industry which propagates capitalism, materialism and low self esteem’ because it’s nonsense. People are so much more than their occupations and I think you might not have realised this about yourself - I feel bad for you.

This is how alcohol looks under the microscope:



A company called Bevshots has produced a series of shots of booze under the microscope at the Florida State University’s chemistry labs.

Molecules at 1000x Magnification



Dry Martini:




Pina Colada:










I wanna frame vodka and call it abstract art in my future house.


Kama Sutra by Marcos Chin