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Partition by Beyoncé from the album: BEYONCÉ


Partition- Beyoncé


the other good thing about quiet nights is fomenting dissent in the girls’ room (◕‿◕✿)

Kingsley declaring Beyoncé’s song “Flawless” as the song of the summer. 




i don’t even need to know the context of this drawing



I hear you bitching about leaving Australia, but are any other Western countries really any better these days? The West is seriously rethinking sex work, and the Nordic model is going to be the future. Face it, although your experience might be "empowering", for the vast majority of sex workers, it is a brutal, demeaning and emotionally numbing experience that the majority enter into out of sheer desperation.


"Bitching" eh? For someone taking your stance interesting you went straight up sexist on entry! Empowering in air-quotes too. Noted.

Australia is currently the best in the world for it’s SW policies IMO (despite recent discrimination attempts regarding welfare payments to SWs). I’m still leaving Australia. It’s genocidal (literally, and actively), racist, sexist, classist, policies and actions are disgusting. While I love my job things are taking a very dark turn here. It’s also for many other non political reasons not where I’ve decided I want to spend the rest of my life.

Yes, you are right. The west is rethinking everything including sex work. Multiple countries electing literally nazis, starting up ‘education’ camps, ramping up the xenophobia, racism, classism, homopbobia and general hate, among other things. Discrimination for everyone across the board it seems! SW policy is no different, and bad countries will instate bad things. Isn’t cherry picking examples fun?

The “Nordic model” is terribly flawed and has not been successful. It’s had very dangerous outcomes, which you’d know if you listened to the people it hurt of which there are MANY, and to the government reports and research of countries that have put a variant of it in place, including the models initiator Sweden. I’ll let you search that up on your own. It sounds like you need the education!

Firstly I’d just like to note, Sex work =/= trafficking or sex slavery. Conflating the two is like saying working in retail (be it at somewhere shitty, Gucci or anywhere in between) is the same as working for in a sweatshop, or you know, literally as a slave. Those things are not the same.

Every single industry has abuse, and people who are coerced into doing it, or would rather do something else. People who find their jobs numbing, or brutal, demanding, degrading and so on. Every. Single. Industry. Janitors, fast food workers, builders, farmers, production, actors, soldiers, doctors, office clerks, jailors, mechanics, factory workers and so on. I don’t see people lining up to ban janitorial work and if you go by stereotypes most janitors hate their jobs, are underpaid and feel degraded by the work. Just because you or others would find something degrading doesn’t mean everyone, or the majority does. Period. In some places janitors are paid ok and people don’t mind the work. It’s about society and the way people who both like and dislike that work are treated, not the job itself.

There are different types of sex work, and all types of things at play when it comes to sex work such as race, class, location, sexuality etc, and there is no pretending that the job is the same for everyone, or that that SW lives are perfect. We do not exist in a vacuum. That doesn’t mean the work is inherently bad, or that everyone who does jobs YOU don’t like hates the work. It means some people like it, some people don’t. Period. Exploitation appears in every industry and every place in the world and that’s what needs to be fixed. Be it in farming, sex work, cleaning, or any other labor or job. It means we need to help the people who are being treated like shit, or who don’t want to do that job, and that we need to change the attitudes of stigmatization and discrimination against those who like their jobs, but feel degraded by doing them even though they like the work. Sex Work is no exception

To say that all / most people would only enter into sex work out of sheer desperation, and that it is degrading is insulting, as applied to any field society discriminates against and considers “unworthy” or “lower class” such as cleaners.

There is no evidence supporting the myth that most sex workers are coerced or forced into doing SW, or don’t like their jobs more than any other type of work/industry. Disliking the stigma, harassment, discrimination and shame that comes with it because of societies BS, which is often mistaken as hating the job, is a different issue. On that note multiple studies show that the greatest health risk to SW’s around the world, who do SW on various scales,and are of various classes and races is social stigma and the problems it causes, not the job. Think about that for a moment.

World wide. Not just privileged, white, first world country, high class escorts. Social Stigma isn’t just ‘wah someone was mean to me’. It’s racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism actively and passively. Social stigma dehumanizes, which is one thing that starts and continues both discriminated sex work and slavery, which is what you’re talking about. Sex work is not the problem. Me using my body in a way I enjoy is not the problem. Anyone using their own body in a way they like is no the problem.

Your attitude and oversimplification is the problem. You deciding to only listen to one side of the problem and ignoring the other, labeling anyone who likes their job as “privileged” and anyone who doesn’t as “victim” and pitting them against each other, which derails actual progress, is the problem. Supporting short sighted, band-aid measures which actively hurts sex workers, such as the “Nordic Model” instead of addressing the underlying issues that cause abuse, discrimination and people being coerced into situations that are harmful to them, such as dehumanization, racism, classism, poverty, sexism and so in is the problem.

PS: there is no such thing as a “Nordic model”.


I won’t be answering any more questions, replies or anything else regarding this topics or similar topics. Each of us has a choice to make about how we make the world better and I’ve very clearly stated mine. Educate yourselves, or don’t. Think what you will.



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