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Short work anecdote


So as most of you know I wear the lucite platforms with the clear vinyl strap and one day autumn was buckling her shoes and started poking at my foot and I was like “what’re you DOING” and she said “you have a hair caught under there!”
And I was like “that’s my TOE HAIR what you’ve never met a hobbit before”

bc legit I have hairy toes. Big toes anyway, not all of them. Like four f them.

Same. I shave that shit. Esp bc I have a foot fetishist regular who pays me to lie down so he can massage my feet. Awesome.


Painting my nails black rn. They will chip in like an hour but for a moment they’ll be perf.


Painting my nails black rn. They will chip in like an hour but for a moment they’ll be perf.

Regarding sex work stigma: I had a social worker who was helping me leave a violent partner threaten to tell child protective services when I confided in her that I was a sex worker. When I said that she could not do that due to confidentiality, she said confidentiality did not apply when children were at risk. The fact that I worked away from my house in a brothel while my children were looked after by family was irrelevant to her. Incidentally, a friend of mine from the brothel had her children removed by the state when her ex partner told them she was a sex worker, too. Social services automatically assume sex work is synonymous with child abuse with absolutely no basis. To this day I am terrified someone will find out and I will lose my children.

A Guest Post from a Friend of The Site.

We are so, so very sorry this happened to you - and for what happened to your coworker. We feel so much for all the children in this situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please, if there is ever anything we can do to help, please contact us.

SW6 (via sexworkerproblems)

As a social worker, I believe you, and I’m sorry this happened. I promise to work towards change. <3 sex workers and end sex worker stigma! 

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This is disgusting/hideous. Some of the best mothers I know are sex workers.

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My biggest fear as a stripper.




"Sheer Show"

Dottie’s Delights A/W 2014 collaboration with Mosh





whats a drinking game i can play by myself



why do we always end up here

A Love Affair, 1967

A Love Affair, 1967